Be prepared…..

Be prepared…..

For a short while as a child I was a Cub Scout (aww I did look cute back then with my green cap, very short shorts, garter sprouting from my knee high socks along with my woggle – yes my woggle!)

Once a week we’d all turn up on parade and spend the next couple of hours learning to be the best cubs we could be by being taught new skills to gain those beloved badges that you’d take home for your Mum to stitch onto your arm.

Within the learning of those skills was the same running theme that was drilled in to a cub and scout, that was to be prepared! Well that’s a lesson I took on board and apply to my every day.

Be prepared, believe you me, you need to be when anyone discovers you’re a magician. It happens all the time…… ‘You’re a Magician?!..Wow. Show me a trick’!! Rather than replying….(and I have heard someone say this before), ‘Ok, you’re a builder right?…once I’ve done my trick, you build me a wall’, I do actually like to show them a trick.

You do certainly need to have something up your sleeve, (s’cuse the pun), for all occasions for when that happens. If you truly are a Magician worth your salt, you should be able to do magic any time and any place with what you have on or around you.

I’ve been sunbathing before and been asked for a trick – and surprisingly, I don’t carry a pack of cards in my trunks……I’ll refrain from the obvious magic wand jokes! But you can always use something they may have on them like a ring or necklace for example if you have nothing yourself.

I have used this great opportunity to really impress as it really does take place unprepared and ‘off the cuff’ therefore making me look rather good in the process – and have people talking about you, even gaining you work in the future!

So, be prepared I will always try to be and if you do ever bump into me please feel free to ask me for a trick you’d be surprised what I can get into my trunks now!!

If you would like some Magic to ‘Wow’ & Amaze your guests at an event or know somebody that does in Hampshire, Essex, Surrey or Sussex (or any of the surrounding counties) as well as in London please feel free to email me via my website or call me on 07901777418

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Have a great day!


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