I know it’s early….

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Christmas Event with Mr.T and Del Boy

Like in all business’s, there are busier times and quieter times of the year.

As a full time pro magician for example, summer time with weddings and balls is very busy, but nothing like the Festive season!

Christmas time (and when I say Christmas time, i’m talking mid November to the first week of January)!….it just goes nuts!! And I mean NUTS!

Every type of company, big or small, sales or engineering – want magic it seems! It’s great! And enquiries tend to start around August time…..now?

I have 2 ‘Close up magic’ gigs  booked in for Christmas Entertainment this week already?! I’m not complaining at all – it’s very organised of them!

I was a presenter on Bid TV and Price Drop TV for 8 years and I thought they used to start selling Christmas gift ideas early!!?? Here I am still wishing the Summer evenings would just last a bit longer and people are looking to find an Entertainer for their corporate events.

During this time it’s not uncommon to be performing 3 gigs a night, running from one gig to another, working 6 days a week. In the fortnight before Christmas I get through a lot of cards I can tell you…..(and petrol coming to think of it!)

I love it! I get to meet loads of cool people, (last year I worked with a Mr. T Lookalike – check out www.mrtlookalike.com).

Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and I get invited to join in all the parties! The Christmas hats are on, the drinks are a-flowing, the turkeys are nervous and everyone gets ready for a good few days off work – so for me it’s an absolute joy! Everyone’s up for a bit of fun and they want to be entertained with some magic !

So, I know it’s early…. but, if you’d like some Amazing Magic at your Christmas party or know someone who might, please do get in touch nice and early! I’d love to come along to your party and perform some great Magic for you and your guests!!

I travel far and wide and am not just restricted to London! I perform Close Up Magic in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent…..pretty much anywhere!

I can be contacted on 07901777418

by email on magicadam1@hotmail.co.uk

or via my contact page http://adamheppenstall.co.uk/#contact .

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Many thanks


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