It’s the little things……

There are some Really clever people out there with amazing imaginations! Cleverer than I’ll ever be! In this case I’m talking magic of course….what else?!

I’m in the kind of circles where I get to find out about all the brand new magic tricks that are on the market, and there is some extremely brilliant stuff out there that will just blow your mind! Once it comes out, it’s never too long before Dynamo or Troy are doing it on their shows and everyone at gigs and parties want to see it live and close up!

I love it and over the years have spent probably, quite literally thousands of pounds on them, and do you know what?….the majority of them tend to all go to the same place – the drawer under the magician’s bed!

It is a place that Every magician has (and not all like to talk about) – a space of some sorts that holds all the magic tricks they saw, bought, played with for a bit and put in the said drawer for a rainy day.

Don’t get me wrong, on a rainy day it’s great fun, you revisit them again and sometimes you have a flash of inspiration and they make it again to your every day set. You wonder how you lasted so long without it! But usually, it’s a ‘flash in the pan’!

I like to think my close up magic I perform is flawless and as solid as it can be after all the work I’ve put in to it.

The Magic I use is strong, simple, powerfully visual and gets Amazing reactions – I do change it sometimes, usually the patter depending on the audience I have and the venue! But it’s the little things, the mini miracles that get the big reactions! The simple stuff.

As much as I love the big new magic tricks that come out, I find that they tend to try and fool magicians mainly when a good simple card trick can be incredibly baffling and entertaining!…..and cost just a couple of quid! Right under your nose and close up. – the “I can’t believe that just happened” is what I’m after and it does!

I consider it a great job done when the 93 year old Nan swears in  disbelief at a wedding!  It’s the few moments of drama and excitement that I the Magician get to create from a simple pack of cards or with the ring on your finger that really packs a punch!

The first trick I ever learned was with 2 elastic bands….and that still blows peoples minds to this day! It’s entertainment as well as magic!

So as I tell my wife, ‘it’s the little things darling that have the power’…..ahem….

I’m a working Close Up Magician in London, available for parties, weddings and events in Surrey, Hampshire and Essex as well as the south coast. Should you need any magic or know someone who would, please do get in touch via my contact page or call me, Adam on 07901777418

Many thanks


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