Magic isn’t for everyone…..or is it?

Magic isn’t for everyone…..or is it?

It is a fantastic feeling when someone tells you that they loved your Magic performance or your show was brilliant! You walk away feeling ‘a job well done’ and that you were value for money.

But, occasionally I get this….(and although when I first heard it I though it was a bit harsh, it is in my opinion a great compliment). ‘I don’t really like Magicians and Magic bores me, but I really enjoyed you! (Cruises mainly).

Now, ok, they could have just said ‘I enjoyed what you did’ and that would have been it. But they wanted to go that extra mile in telling me just how much they liked it by stating they expected to hate it at first – strange I know for a compliment, but what a turn around of thought!

When I turn up to an event for some close up magic or as a cabaret on a Cruise ship – the passengers or guests don’t have much choice, it’s me that’s been booked, like it or not, so they tend to turn up anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong, most people I find tend to love magic when it’s performed to them and even if a little jubious at first, usually I can warm them up and then they really get into it – but some just don’t want to know. So to get a compliment from those people is a sign of really doing my job well and to the best of my ability.

And that’s what I will always strive to do – I love performing magic and anything to get you smiling and leave you ‘wowed’ and amazed with my mini miracles is good for all!

So, if you want to give someone a Really nice compliment……tell them how rubbish you thought they were going to be first!! (Joking!!)

If you need a little Magic to Amaze guests at an event or know somebody that does in London or surrounding counties, please feel free to email me via my website or call me on 07901777418

Have a great day!


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