The things I get asked to do and people I meet

When joining a Cruise ship to go and do your gig, you rarely know who’s going to be on there and who you’re going to be working with.

There are many many ships sailing on the world’s oceans at any one time but, don’t get me wrong, the Cruising world for Entertainers is a relatively small one. You always know someone when you join a ship or you know the same people and have some common ground! That is always great and you do make a lot of fab friends and contacts that you always look forward to working with again in the future.

Every so often, something is going on when the Cruise Director needs some extra things out of you whilst onboard and you need to step up to the table and oblige (after a little bit of pressure of course)!

Recently I joined P&O’s Oceana to do a sneaky 5 days and it was a BBC Strictly Cruise – I soon found this out when I arrived at Nice airport and I met a lovely man and my colleague for the next few days Lance Ellington, (The Singer with that Amazing silky smooth voice from Strictly).  Then once having joined the ship after a long taxi ride there I was met by Craig Revel Horwood, Lisa Riley (Mandy Dingle), Robin Windsor and Kristina Rhinaoff……(yes, my wife was extremely jealous of me!) All these people we watch on saturday and sunday nights during the winter season on the BBC and there I am on an Ents team with them, very cool!

THEN, get this, I get asked to be on a panel and judge with them for one of the Dance competitions!!?? Wow, yes please! Why they wanted a Magician I’ll never know, but I think it was more the comedy element they were after, Craig did enough judging for us all.

There was of course a glitter ball, Fab-u-lous dresses darling, amazing dances and I even got to hold the trophy!!….and do a little bit of Magic whilst onboard too!!

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I have also in my time recently met a lovely couple, Tom and Amy Rogers – Tom is now my financial advisor and I even performed Close Up Magic at his wedding earlier this year.

Not to forget the lovely Leighton Jones and Jo Almond from Epic Moves ( who have become great friends and who choreographed our first dance for our Wedding.

Every new contract, you just never know who’s going to be there friends old or new!!

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Many thanks


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